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Informasi Umum

Informasi Umum

Ocean Engineering Research Group (KK-KL) is formed in 2006 as an impact of ITB structure changes from department into Program Study and Research Groups. KK-KL is firstly chaired by Prof. Dr Ir. Hang Tuah Salim (Alm). The second chairman is Prof. Ricky L. Tawekal served KK-KL until February 2011, followed by Irsan S Brodjonegoro, Ph.D until February 2012. Chairman of KK-KL then held by Muslim Muin Ph.D until 29 November 2013. According to Rector’s Decree No. 268 / SK / I1.A / KP / 2013, the Rector appoint the new Chairman of KK-KL Prof. Ricky L. Tawekal. In early 2015, KK KL is developed into two groups namely KK Offshore Engineering (KK TLP) and KK Coastal Engineering (KK TP), it is driven by the demand of research to be more focused. Currently Offshore Engineering KK (KK TLP) chaired by Prof. Ir. Ricky Lukman Tawekal, MSE, Ph.D.

Offshore Engineering Research Group (KK TLP) has some expertises consist of Offshore Engineering Technology, Subsea Pipeline, Floating Structure, Marine Geotechnics, Sea Defense Technology, Offshore Renewable Energy and Offshore Environmental Modeling.

Website Kelompok Keahlian Teknik Lepas Pantai: http://www.ftsl.itb.ac.id/kk/teknik_lepas_pantai/