Program History

The establishment of the Ocean Engineering program was initiated in 1985 along with the development of the New Undergraduate Ocean Engineering Program funded by the World Bank Project XVII. The Ocean Engineering Program was then established in 1994 as a program under the Department of Civil Engineering. In 2006, following the reorganization of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Ocean Engineering was separated from the Civil Engineering department and became a program under the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FCEE) that comprises three programs: Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Ocean Engineering. Since the last general review in 2011, FCEE has added two new undergraduate programs: Water Resources Engineering and Management, and Environmental Infrastructure Engineering. Ocean Engineering program had its first bachelor graduates in 1998 and until now it has graduated a total of 650 alumni.

In its early years, the Ocean Engineering Program focuses its study on the competence of coastal engineering. However, based on the evaluation of curriculum which takes place every five years, the scope of this competence has been evolved into Coastal Engineering, Offshore Engineering, Naval Architecture and Marine Resources Management.