Learning Facilities

The Ocean Engineering Undergraduate Program is located on 3rd and 4th floors of the east side of the TP Rachmat Building (Labtek VI), occupying a combined space of around 700 m². There are adequate learning facilities and can support learning and research activities. 


Currently there are three classrooms used for learning activities, namely KL-1 located on the 3rd floor, while the KL-2 and KL-3 are located on the 4th floor. Each classroom is equipped with a projector and LCD for prese

Student Association Secretariat

The Ocean Engineering Student Association (Keluarga Mahasiswa Teknik Kelautan, KMKL) is located on the 2nd floor of the Civil Engineering MRK building. This room can also be used by students to study and do assignments. The Secretariat Room is equipped with a sufficient number of power outlets, whiteboards, Wi-Fi connections, televisions, and pillows to relax. Lockers are also provided to store student needs.

Computer Laboratory

The computer laboratory is located on the 3rd floor (in front of the Administration room). This room is equipped with computers along with supporting programs to facilitate students who are in the process of doing their final project or not.


The Ocean Engineering Program also has several laboratories that can support learning and research activities. Students can still use the laboratory facilities of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering (FTSL/FCEE ITB) which are not listed below if needed in research.


Ocean Engineering Laboratory

The Ocean Engineering Laboratory is located in the Water Resources Engineering Laboratory Building. All students have access to laboratory facilities and field instruments to carry out experiments and measurements.

More information can be accessed on the page: https://labkl.ftsl.itb.ac.id/ dan channel Laboratorium Teknik Kelautan ITB – YouTube.

Water Resources Engineering Laboratory

The Water Resources Engineering Laboratory is located in the same building as the Ocean Engineering Laboratory and is commonly used to carry out hydraulic testing of water building designs. Complete information can be accessed on: https://cibe.ftsl.itb.ac.id/rekayasa-sumber-daya-air/.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory

The Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory is located in the Soil Mechanics Building (G Street ITB). This laboratory has various types of equipment that can be used for laboratory testing in soil mechanics and geotechnical field analysis.

Structural Engineering Laboratory

The Structural Engineering Laboratory is located in the CIBE Building (D Street ITB). This laboratory has a function as a unit that provides facilities to support courses in civil engineering, research and development of structural engineering for various types of construction.

Laboratorium Mekanika Fluida

The Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is located in the area of the Civil Engineering complex. This lab is used by students to conduct trials and gain practical experience related to fluid mechanics concepts and theories.

Laboratorium Teknik Kelautan - Jatinangor

The Jatinangor Ocean Engineering Laboratory is located in the Basement Labtek 2B ITB Jatinangor Campus. This laboratory has facilities in the form of a wave flume that can be used as research and practicum facilities for lecturers, students, researchers, and practitioners. The lab was built in collaboration with ITB and the Government of the People's Republic of China and is in development to become a “Sino-Indonesia Joint Research Center of Port Construction and Disaster Mitigation”. Sino-Indonesia Joint Research Center of Port Construction and Disaster Mitigation”.