Ocean Engineering ITB is a major in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering which aims at developing competence in ocean infrastructure and physical environment. Ocean Engineering ITB provide two programs, are:

The Ocean Engineering Program curriculum is designed to cover 144 credits of student’s workload that should be completed in four years and divided into two levels:

  • Common First Year Program (TPB) (36 credits – maximum 2 years)
  • Bachelor Level (108 credits – maximum 6 years from enrolment in ITB)

To be able to follow Ocean Engineering Master Program well, student shall obtain a bachelor degree in Ocean Engineering, Civil Engineering, Oceanography or Naval Engineering. Students with other bachelor degree and good academic achievement shall be accepted, if they are willing to follow the compulsory courses chosen in the application process. 2013’s Curriculum structure for Ocean Engineering Master Program gives the required amount of course credits/satuan kredit semester (SKS) of 24 for the first and second academic year. To finish the whole program altogether, the amount of SKS needed is 36, in which the additional 12 SKS are needed for elective courses.