Industrial Advisory Board

The IAB of Ocean Engineering Program was established in year 2008. There are 14 members representing government, oil and gas regulator and employer, coastal and port authority, and ocean environment related company.

Following is list of previous and current IAB members:

  1. Gde Pradnyana Sutha, SKK MIGAS (Previous)
  2. Jaya Murni, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (Previous)
  3. J. Lino, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Previous)
  4. Aryo Hanggono, Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (Previous and Current)
  5. Ben Usagani, Port and Harbor Infrastructures, PT Swi Jetty Nusantara (Previous and Current)
  6. Boby Weliyanto, ENI Muara Bakau B. V (Previous and Current)
  7. Djuhair Hasan, PT Dwisatu Mustika Bumi (Previous and Current)
  8. Iman Achmad Sulaiman, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Previous and Current)
  9. Ridwan, PT Singgar Mulia (Previous and Current)
  10. Laksmana Marsetio, Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs (Previous and Current)
  11. Prihartono, PT Depriwangga (Previous and Current)
  12. Rikrik Gantina, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara (Previous and Current)
  13. Rizky Ferianto, National Development Planning Body (Previous and Current)
  14. Saptono Rahayu Irianto, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Previous and Current)
  15. Syamsurizal Munaf, PT Elnusa Tbk (Previous and Current)
  16. Teguh Haryono, Indika Energy (Previous and Current)
  17. Wisnu Mustapha, BP Tangguh (Previous and Current)